Vibrational frequencies, Flower therapy, Qi energy


With just a handful of locals, this is a perfect setting to rejuvenate mind, body and spirit. We are based in the sanctuary of a gated residence in the village of Cisternino in southern Italy with traditional Trulli and olive, fruit and nut trees.

Each day begins with Tai Chi morning exercise to create synchronicity between body and mind, and activate ‘Qi’ the ‘life force within you’.  You will learn how to use healing plants and flowers for your wellbeing, and vibrational frequencies of sound for a truly holistic detox.


  • Small groups and expert led by some of the best Masters in their field.
  • Delicious vegetarian cuisine is freshly prepared twice daily and afternoon tea is served with local delicacies.

Day 1 Working with your chakra sounds and activating your personal tone for healing to take place.

Day 2 A day of flower therapy will give you the bases in understanding flower essence remedies and oils for your physical and psychological well-being.

Day 3 Honour the self at an exquisite luxury spa to arouse all of your senses!  Followed with authentic Apulian dining in the stunning ancient town of Ostuni.

Flower medicine by Rosanna Toraldo

We are honoured to welcome Rosanna Toraldo expert in Flower therapy, Naturopath and Reiki Master. Rosanna is the president of “Accademia le cinque synergie’ one of Italy’s leading academies in Energy Healing in Lecce, Puglia.

The healing properties of flowers and plants has been used for centuries. Using the structure of plants you can identify your paternal and maternal archetypes and ancestral heritage.   You will work with flowers in their natural habitat and learn to release genealogical rites for the optimal functioning of your body.

 Rosanna’s extensive knowledge covers the archetypal energies of planets and stars, and she will guide you to use these energies for embracing self esteem and good health. 

The day ends with Shamanic dance techniques and meditation.  You will receive a certificate in the ‘basics of aromatherapy’.

Read more about Rosana Toraldo and her work here.

Healing with sound frequencies by Laura Schmidt

We are delighted to be working with Laura Schmidt expert in chakra healing tones and the creator of vibrational resonance – a unique healing method using Alpha, Delta and Theta waves.

Healing with sound frequencies has been used for centuries in Eastern and Chinese traditions.  Voice toning works to eliminate negative frequencies and restore harmony in the body. Laura has 25 years of experience in working with the benefits of sound and her vast knowledge covers traditional Chinese and Eastern practices. Laura will be using vibrational frequencies to find your personal tone to release stress and restore balance in your body.

Read more about Laura Schmidt and sound therapy here.

Tai Chi moves step by step with Shifu Browne

Shifu Browne is the Chief Instructor at Shaolin Daolu, a traditional UK based shaolin martial arts school teaching all forms of Shaolin Kung fu applications.

He studied Kung fu from a very early age and at the tender age of 9 years old, achieved his first black belt in Taekwondo. He went on to study many forms of martial arts i.e. Karate, judo, kickboxing, and Tai Chi, and was lucky to be taught by some of the greatest teachers alive today.  Shifu has been teaching for over 25 years and is very well received and respected in the world of martial arts Masters.  Master Brown will lead Tai Chi morning exercise using Qi energy to embrace your self esteem. Read more about Shifu Browne and Shaolin Dao here.


31 March – 5 April 2017

Love yourself retreats

Love yourself retreats came about through my journey of self discovery and my connection with the vibrational frequencies on the planet that greatly enhanced my life.   As a result, I developed a great desire to create affordable opportunities for anyone wishing to find an inner meaning and connection with who they are.  This awakening retreat is about honouring the self and unlocking the power within.

  • Pick up transfer from the airport
  • Guests arrival from 3pm
  • 3pm – 5pm: Welcome tea with biscuits and mini sandwiches
  • 7pm – 9pm: Drinks and dinner at the retreat
  • 8am – 10am: Tai Chi and Chi Gong class
  • 10.30am – 12pm: Brunch
  • 2pm – 6pm: Aromatherapy workshop. Break tea with biscuits/ mini sandwiches
  • 6pm – 8pm: Drinks and dinner
  • 8am – 10am: Tai Chi and Chi Gong class
  • 10.30am – 12pm: Brunch
  • 1pm – 6pm: Sound Therapy session
  • 7pm – 9pm: Dinner
  • 8am – 10am: Tai Chi and Chi Gong class
  • 10.30am – 12pm: Brunch
  • 12.30pm – 6.30 pm: Luxurious Spa treatments and access to sensorial area/pool. Afternoon tea with biscuits/mini sandwiches
  • 7pm – 9pm: Dinner at a traditional restaurant in Ostini
  • 8am – 10am: Breakfast
  • 10.30am – 11am: Check out and transfer to the airport
  • New Retreat starts as Day 1


La Residenza is a gated property nestled in the countryside with figs, olives and almond trees. Lemon trees and flowers from poppies, daisies, wild cactus…Really it is very special!


Please reserve your room type choice early to avoid disappointment! First come, first serve…

Surrounded by nature, centuries old olive trees and ancient dry-stone walls. On the outside there is a large gazebo, sun beds, sunroof and a very relaxing  hammocks.


It takes around 50min (journey time) from Brindisi airport
Whatever you feel comfortable wearing. For Tai Chi we recommend loose clothing and generally something easy for the Spa day along with your bathing suit. Ideally a bikini for the massage. Sleep wear and slippers. Towels and linen are all provided.
No, the Spa is approximately 20 minutes drive from the retreat.
No, you will have to book your flights independently.
Yes. We can only pick you up from the nearest airport.
Yes, payment in 2 instalments are possible, 50% upon reservation and the remaining up to 1 month before the retreat start date.
Guests are expected at the retreat from 3pm and for pick ups at the airport from 11am. Please discuss any early or late arrival upon reservation